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Call for Abstracts

​This year we're exploring
what matters most for continuity of care!

Everyone recognizes that “continuity of care” is very important to both patients and care teams. The term generally means cooperative management of a patient’s health by their medical team, thereby improving the patient’s quality of health care over time and providing increased satisfaction for providers. The evidence says continuity of care can help build relationships quickly, improve transitions across sectors or care and promote longer, healthier lives. On top of that, continuity also fosters improved job satisfaction among providers. 

Continuity can positively influence everyone involved so this year we’re asking "What matters most to patients, providers and the system in the realm of continuity?"

Submission for 2018 APCC is now closed.

Important dates

Submitted an abstract? Mark your calendar for the following:

  • Notification date: August 10
  • Early-bird registration deadline: September 28
  • Conference dates: November 29 - 30