Today's dynamic health care system creates a complex set of roles and responsibilities for PCN Board and Joint Governance members. Board members must be skilled and knowledgeable in advanced governance matters in order to best contribute to and influence the performance of their boards. Building on the success of previous offerings of PCN Board Competency Training sessions, newly enhanced and more interactive courses are available for 2019.

Past participants have said that new board members, treasurers and about-to-be board members will find these courses to be of great value and a worthwhile investment of their time. 

If you want to advance your governance knowledge, we are pleased to present a series of competency building courses, jointly developed and delivered by Alberta Medical Association and Alberta Health Services.

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Essentials and Advanced Certificates - $199.00 each plus GST
Expert Series: Finance - $149.00 plus GST

PCN Board Competency Training - Wall of Recognition
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Fall 2019 PCN Board Competency Training Calendar

The aim of supporting and strengthening PCN governance through knowledge and education will enable improved health care integration. The series consists of:

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Post Coursework Teleconferences 

A post coursework teleconference is one of the requirements to be completed by participants. This requirement applies to Essentials, Advanced and Expert Series - Finance courses. The purpose of the teleconferences are to facilitate reflection and to test and measure concepts in a simple way. For physician participants, they are a requirement to obtain CME credits and designed to support the integrity of PCN Board Competency Training.  

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