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​The Communications Team

The PCN PMO Communications team provides consultative services to PCNs regarding communications strategies, social media, event planning and website design. We also provide technical support, training and consultative services to PCNs using the template website.

The Evaluation Team

The Evaluation team helps increase the capacity for PCNs to collect and aggregate data, and offers consultation on statistical calculations. Other areas of support include workshops, seminars, webinars, and group collaboration to enhance evaluation knowledge and quality improvement. They are able to assist PCNs in hiring evaluators, including reviewing postings, selecting candidates and participating in interviews.

The Finance Team

The Finance and Business Planning team supports the PCNs by reviewing business plans, budgets, annual reports and other financial documents prior to submitting them to Alberta Health (AH). The team can provide ongoing support to PCNs for accounting packages and can help them with issues relating to GST, payroll and other financial topics. One-on-one assistance can be provided over the phone or in person via on site, in-house training.