The Grande Cache Primary Care Network (PCN) is taking on new territory. The PCN has announced that they have recently expanded to include Hinton and area.  In an effort to reflect on the history and culture of both communities, the Grande Cache Primary Care Network has implemented a name change to the Bighorn Primary Care Network.  The name was chosen as a reference to the unique wildlife (bighorn sheep) associated with the Hinton/Grande Cache/Jasper geographical area, as well as the fact that part of Highway 40, which links Hinton and Grande Cache, is known as the Bighorn Highway.  The Bighorn hiking trail south of Hinton is a signature feature of that community.  In addition recognition was paid to Grande Cache's mascot, Rocky the Ram.

The following Primary Care Services will now be available in both communities:

  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Respiratory Therapy Services (Fall 2016)

There are 42 rural and urban PCNs throughout Alberta which give Albertans access to a variety of primary care services. PCNs also provide patients with access to a multidisciplinary team of health professionals for better health outcomes.

Bighorn PCN Executive Director Leslie Weinrauch says, "Our mission at the Bighorn PCN is Comprehensive Care through a preventative approach in a team based setting."

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