​Agenda and Abstracts
Final Program
Conference Abstracts



Patients as Part of the Healthy Governance Conversation

Karla Wyld, RN, BScN
Bill Hnydyk, MD, BMedSc

Alberta Medical Association, Choosing Wisely Alberta​



Exploring Practice Level Perspectives and Experiences of Collaboration Across Diverse Health and Wellness Services

Stephanie Cavers, BA, BHJ
Cheryl Whiting, RN, BSN, MN(candidate) CON(C)
Anda Dima, B.Ed. IPMA-ACP
Larry Oakes, Oskapewisk

Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region's Eagle Moon Health Office and Primary Health Care Network Strategic Engagement and  Decision Support


SCPCN Partnership With Peer-Led Mental Health Group Program Accelerates Improved Mental Health Care Service Access And Client Outcomes

Sue Miller, CPS, ICD.D
Magda Czegledi, MD, CPS

The South Calgary Primary Care Network and Mental Wellness Recovery Group



Worksite Screening and the Unknown Burden of Risk

Agnes Lehman, BScOT, MScHP
Mohammad Rashead, BScKin, BEd
Carolyn Walker, RN, BN
Anthony Train, MBChB, LMCC, CCFP

Alberta Health Services - Cardiovascular Health and Stroke Strategic Clinical NetworkTM 



Primary Care: Continuity of Care Hub

Jeanette Jackson, PhD
Health Quality Council of Alberta


Evaluation Of A Community Driven, Physical Activity Based Wellness Program For Indigenous Women In Lloydminster, AB – The Women Warriors Program

Sonja Wicklum MD, CCFP, FCFP

University of Calgary


Changing The Game: Fragmentation Is Out, Integration Is In – A New Paradigm For Healthcare Delivery 

Emma Gilchrist, MPH​
Kaile Ross, MA

Farley Health Policy Center, University of Colorado School of Medicine


Health Tapestry: Making It Better For Patients, Providers, Volunteers And The System
Dr. David Price, BSC, MD, CCFP, FCFP

McMaster University


Co-design with Patients, Family, and Community: What - Why – How

Barbara Balik, EdD, MS, RN​


​Health Home Community approach to low back care

Yolanda Martens-van Hilst, RN
Marnie Gazankas, BScN, RN, BPE 

Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network


A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Supporting Chronic Pain Patients

Julia Vallance, RN, BScN
Jordan Wasdal, BSc (Pharm)
Margo Schmitt-Boshnick, BA, Med

Red Deer Primary Care Network


Prescription To Get Active: Engaging the Community

Melanie Fuller, BPE
Justin Balko, MSc, MD, CCFP

Various Primary Care Networks


Seniors' Community Hub: Enhancing Primary Care Collaboration for Frail Seniors Living in the Community

Sheny Khera, MD, CCFP, MPH
Marjan Abbasi, MD, CCFP, COE
Bobbi Junior

Edmonton Oliver Primary Care Network


DIL Walk; a Story of Community Health Development in Action

Raman Kapoor BSc, RD, President
Anmol Kapoor, MD, FRCPC

DIL Walk Foundation



Use Of EMR In The Patient-Centred Medical Home, Building From The Foundation Of Panel Identification To Organized Evidence Based Care

Barbra McCaffrey, BSc
Heidi Fell, MD, CCFP
Narpinder Hans, MD, CCFP​
Cecilia Gordillo

Toward Optimized Practice


Transforming Systems to Better Serve the Health Needs of the Chronically Homeless
Abe Brown, MBA, M.R.Ed/C
Darryn Werth, MBA

Calgary Recovery Services Task Force


Championing Seniors Primary Health Care in a Rural Setting
Catriona Blythe, BScN(Hons), RN, MN, NP
Jennifer MacDonald, LPN

Kalyna Country Primary Care Network


Experiences of Measuring Patient Experience
Shelby Corley, MA, CE

Various Primary Care Networks


It's Easy To Do The RIGHT Thing....Integrating Primary Health Care Through Realignment, Collaboration And Empowerment 

Sheila Anderson
Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region